Formulations – Product Development – Custom Drinks

Wilson Beverages has an exclusive agreement with a boutique flavor house, International Beverage Management (IBM), to develop beverages throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (although our operations extend beyond there).

IBM is led by world class food technologists with over 100 years of combined experience developing beverage products, such as sodas, vitamin waters, flavored waters, functional beverages, still drinks, nectars, juices, iced-teas, iced-coffees, sport drinks, energy drinks, powdered drinks, syrups, flavored milk, sports milks, nutritional drinks, etc.  The key directors have previously been in charge of R&D at Cadbury Schweppes and the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

IBM constantly expands its portfolio of formulas and flavors, from Acai to Whiskey, covering functional ingredients as well.  Some recent projects include beverages for joint relief, aphrodisiacs, and other exciting applications.

Beverages are developed for all types of filling processes and packaging options, either chilled or ambient drinks, from PET to glass, cans, cartons, or sachets, covering aseptic (retort), hot-fill or traditional cold-fill, and powdered drinks are available.

To request a specific flavor profile, please contact us to receive a file listing some of the flavors and ingredients that we offer.


Customers generally approach us for the following services:

Formulation Process (Ideation)
Costing Analysis (Identifying Limitations & Opportunities)
Fine Tuning Flavors (Sampling Stage, Prototypes)
Ingredient Declarations and Nutritional Facts (Documentation)
Supply of Key Ingredients (Top Quality at Competitive Prices)
Technical & Production Support (Know-How, Co-Packing)
Guidance on Brand Development (Commercialization)


IBM’s lab is located in Monroe, Connecticut, and we invite all of our customers to visit.  

Upon completion of a project, our customer will be provided with a formulation and prototype beverages, along with bottling instructions, nutritional declarations, and IBM will then deliver the key flavor ingredients to the manufacturing facility. 

Each formula is bespoke.  There is a process of testing and refining prototypes until the right product is found.  Each customer receives a customized beverage solution, hence our products are ‘individually tailored’, not ‘ready to wear’ and the development process involves the client at every stage.