Market Research Reports

WB has over twenty years’ experience in generating beverage market reports.  Our employees have the know-how to gather market data and then convert it into indispensable reports.  WB has collaborated with Canadean (considered the global leader of market metrics for the beverage industry) in numerous projects, presenting reports to leading soft drink and packaging companies.  WB also has developed its own beer reports under the Inter-Drinks trademark, and has established leading brewers as customers.

Examples of reports include country briefs, which summarize the beverage industry in’s and out’s per market, and they provide all the must-knows for each of the beverage categories.  The reports cover key bottlers, brewers, and dairies, as well as distributors, discusses the share of throat by category, and provides trends and shares of leading players.

Through our trademark, Inter-Drinks, we have created several formats, for example beer reports which are country specific and cover all the local production and imports, measuring the brand owners and brands, as well as segmentation of beer.  The report gives our views on trends and forecasts as well, and compares the consumption of beer to other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  WB can tailor reports to the specifications of our clients.