Consulting & Projects

WB provides broad based consultancy services to beverage companies.  Examples of work performed include identifying acquisition targets, identifying potential distribution partners, analyzing price points per category in the market, analyze cost structures for better control, etc. 

WB prepares business plans for start-ups, participates in the due diligence of M &A’s, prepares financial models, performs cost analysis, and analyzes potential distributors for new markets.  Our consulting jobs frequently require visits to the market and our staff has visited almost every country in the Americas and the Caribbean.  

We invest time to get to know who does what, so we know most beverage manufacturers in our markets, and have an extensive database of beverage distributors.  We know the beverage industry’s scale in the region, its processes, its market appeal, its distribution and its issues, but more importantly that each market is different.  Our clients rely on our indispensable knowledge of the beverage industry, and we assist them by providing the best marketing and financial solution in accordance with the client’s own criteria, and by offering favorable below market rates for our services.    

For larger projects, WB occasionally joins forces with industry experts and colleagues to collaborate on specific projects.  We have an established relationship with Canadean of London, the global beverage market metrics experts.