Brand Licensing

WB has always been involved with the development of third party brands, for example partnering with Sunkist Growers of California to franchise their brands in Latin America since 1995. As of 2015, WB has also partnered with Nichols, representing the Vimto brand to franchise their products throughout the Caribbean Basin, as well FreshForward Beverages LLC, to promote their Sparkling Bitters brand.  Our partners rely on WB to identify the best route to market, highlighting potential partners, and introducing the brand to them. 

WB collaborates with and represents our partner’s brands in negotiating a licensing and franchise agreement within their respective guidelines.  WB has the knowledge to properly structure agreements that are beneficial to all parties.  Throughout the process, WB offers suggestions on how to introduce their brands, and in which of the categories or segments to position  each brand. 

In addition to franchising, WB has worked with independent bottlers to provide guidance in brand building and has been hired to identify gaps in the market, or gaps within a portfolio of products.  Companies have benefited from our analysis of their operations and their position in the market in Florida, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.